an introduction, of sorts

Urrgh...I hate introductions, but I guess one is necessary before I hop into it.
Currently, I am a third year medical student from the East Coast who, if you can't tell, is interested in going into Family Medicine. Right now, it is 24 minutes past 12 midnight, so, yes, I am going to keep this as brief as possible. I have in the past forayed into the world of blogging, but, it was prior to going to medical school and as my interests evolved and steered towards Family Medicine, I thought it would be necessary to start afresh. At this point in time, I would prefer to remain anonymous, but I give it six months before my name, my mama's name and my next door neighbors' cat's name appear on this blog.

Choosing Family Medicine was a pretty long journey and even now, I would say that I am 85% settled on this decision. In a future post, perhaps after I write my personal statement, I will explain, in detail, how I got here. I think as I write and in the past, I have used the exercise of writing and blogging to clarify my goals and interests. The amount of written word dedicated to a particular topic is roughly proportional to my interests I figure.

For the most part, this post is a placeholder - a poor excuse for an introduction. It's more akin to staking a flag on this little piece of the web I founded - well, I'd like to think I have exclusive rights to it. I'd hate to make promises as to what will be featured on this site, but expect some part personal reflection, some part reference to articles, and some part my attempt to develop my health media chops. It's a work in progress, but hopefully, not for long. Welcome, I guess.

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  1. Yes, I left the only comment - so far. Trying to figure out how to edit the xml file so that the comment link will show at the bottom of the post and not the top. It is a bit discouraging to start of a new post with "No Comment Yet," :(


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