Family Medicine - Match Day 2012

So, I tried my hand at being uber-technologically sophisticated by writing, editing (somewhat), and then publishing a blogpost via my iPhone, on-the-go. Yeah, that didn't work. Also, for some reason I couldn't include hyperlinks (wait, do people still say hyperlinks these days - I feel like I haven't used that word since Yahoo was king). So, I am back to more traditional forms of blogging - MacBook Pro, physical keyboard, and a half-eaten afternoon bowl of oatmeal.

Anyway, a warm hearty congrats to the class of 2012 on their Match Day results. Let the revelry begin, I suppose. Rather unfortunately, interest in primary care seems to have stalled in that Family Medicine (the "only true primary care specialty") saw a very slight uptick in positions offered compared to last year. While some are celebrating, I still think that at this trajectory, such news does not bode well for the nation's interest in making up for the primary care physician shortage. WaPo writer, Sarah Kliff, surmises that recent spikes in interest may follow political trends (though, ignore the graphic)

Speaking of our nation's healthcare - Fareed Zakaria of CNN will be hosting a special segment on successful health-care systems around the world, at Sunday, 8pm. I will be watching, or rather waiting for, the hat-tip to primary care. Other successful western health-care systems seem to boast of a larger share of their physicians in primary care, compared to the US. Looking forward to the conversation this program may generate.

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